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create word file nodejs

(nodejs create word file )


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// at first you must install npm install officegen

var officegen = require('officegen');
var fs = require('fs');
var docx = officegen ('docx');
var myfile = fs.createWriteStream ('mydocx.docx');

var pObj = docx.createP ();
pObj.options.align = 'center';
pObj.addText ('Nodejs is the best!', {color: '000088', bold: true, font_size: 40});
pObj.addLineBreak ();
pObj.addText ( 'External link', {link: 'https://net-raft.com', font_size: 20});

docx.generate ( myfile, {
'finalize': function ( written ) {

console.log ( 'Finish to create a word file!' );

'error': function ( err ) {
console.log ( err );



created: 16 days ago

The power of the user (%)


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